The Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the premier provider of environmentally safe and accepted filtration practices for carbon-based fuels,  indoor farming, factory exhaust, and chemical production facilities within the industrial world.


Our Goals

  • To commercialize our proven technology of capturing particulate matter and gaseous substances more effectively and efficiently than the industry standard.
  • To isolate additional offensive effluents from the emissions and by products of post-combustion or ambient temperatures using solid sorbent materials.
  • To satisfy EPA mandated regulations, setting the efficiency standard for facilities and processes that discharge air pollution while recycling the captured pollutants after filtration: leading the paradigm shift of pollution for the industrial filtration market.

Our Core Values

We pursue our mission through a set of core values and standards as seen through Dr. Squires, who respected his co-workers, never stopped inventing and improving, and worked with a team committed to succeeding.

  • Integrity – We endorse the highest standards of honesty and integrity among our employees, partners, customers, and communities.
  • Innovation – We foster an environment that encourages constant innovation and improvement in our business practices, ensuring continuous growth and business development.
  • Teamwork – We believe teamwork leverages our individual strengths, allowing us to utilize our human capital to the highest degree. Dr. Squires achieved remarkable results throughout his career often as part of a team committed to success.


MOVA Technologies, Inc. is an emerging technology company based in Pulaski, Virginia that was formed to commercialize panel-bed filtration technology, a particulate matter and gaseous pollutant filter system developed by Dr. Arthur M. Squires. This new method will help to reduce the maintenance and operating filtration costs associated with carbon-based fuel plants, shipping, agricultural practices, direct air capture, and chemical manufacturing, while improving the overall emission quality. MOVA Technologies will enable these facilities to meet emission control standards without lowering the efficiency of their business operations. Converting environmental liabilities of industrial practices into economic assets.

Dr. Squires, a chemical engineer, invented the technology that MOVA is bringing to market. He knew carbon-based fuels would continue be part of our energy source in the years to come and understood the importance of pursuing a solution to the air pollution problem. His goal was to find a better process and technology that would remove chemicals in a clean and efficient way, leading to the development of panel-bed filtration.

To ensure the technology would be commercialized, he placed the patents in an Irrevocable Trust. The patents cover technology related to panel-bed filtration that utilizes solid sorbents to filter out carbon-based emissions. Steve Critchfield has taken the initiative to launch the business and start the process of developing Dr. Squires’ patented ideas.