The Development

Stage 1: Techno-Economic Analysis

6 Months

This stage identified competitive advantages of the panel-bed compared to competing filtration technologies and determined a strategic path towards commercialization. Research focused on technological competitiveness to determine if the panel-bed offered economic, environmental, and societal benefits compared to existing technologies.

Stage 3: Equipment Design and Construction

12 Months

Stage 3 will center around scaling up the panel-bed design for specific applications based on data gathered from Stage 2. Determining a design that optimizes the panel-bed features will contribute to a full-scale system which will be tested under industry conditions to prove its success for various applications.

Stage 2: Technology Scoping

12 to 18 Months

This stage is focused on designing and validating the panel-bed filtration system with proof-of-concept testing. Prototype and commercial-scale designs of the panel-bed have been completed. Pilot testing will be used to validate the advantages and capabilities identified in Stage 1, gather information to improve the current panel-bed design, and further define the target markets.

Stage 4: Equipment Demonstration and Testing

12-15 Months

The technology will be tested for specific applications under industry operating conditions to determine its ability to solve commercial issues. Any remaining design issues will be addressed to produce a fully operational filtration technology. At this point, the MOVA process becomes a cycle between stages 2-4 to further innovate the technology to enter new markets.

**All time frames are approximate and are subject to change without notice.