January 31, 2018

The Need

“Pollution is nothing but resources we’re not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Safe, Recyclable Pollutant Capture

The panel-bed filter is designed to use solid sorbents, a granular material, to capture specific pollutants in a solid form so that the pollutants can be safely transported and recycled. Current filtration technologies often store multiple pollutants in a wet slurry that is difficult to recover, whereas the sorbents are designed to segment captured pollutants for simple recovery17. This allows otherwise environmentally harmful materials to exist in the circular economy by contributing to industry. For example, captured carbon can be used in enhanced oil recovery, and nitrogen could be re-purposed for fertilizer production6,8

Multi-Emissions Filtration

The panel-bed filter is a multi-emissions filtration system designed to capture both particulate matter and gaseous pollutants. This offers the ability to reduce energy usage in power-generating facilities by eliminating the need for assorted filtration technologies.

Create Jobs

The ability for panel-bed filters to support clean fossil fuels and small, modular power plants creates different opportunities for job creation. Regions that have experienced economic devastation with the decline of coal could see rejuvenated growth with fossil fuel demand increasing; the panel-bed’s ability to reduce energy costs and capture pollutants to be recycled incentivizes manufacturing facilities to locate near or operate with small, modular power plants; fabrication jobs will be needed for large-scale panel-bed manufacturing. MOVA’s product is the panel-bed filter, but the company’s vision is focused on economic growth throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and across the country.

Modular Power: The Future of Energy

World energy consumption is projected to grow by 28% between 2015 and 2014 according to the International Energy Outlook 2017. Renewable energies will have a key role in this increasing energy demand, which is of critical importance for the Earth’s environment and animal and human health. MOVA is in full support of a world with cleaner energy, but it recognizes the need for sustainable fossil fuels to assist the energy revolution14. Modular power running on fossil fuels can support the energy market and provide reliable energy across the grid by providing power providers the ability to quickly respond to incremental load demand13. Thus, the panel-bed filter is designed to clean carbon-based fuels at a modular scale for the future of energy infrastructure.

Recycle Tires

In 2015, 246 million tires were discarded, of which 30 million ended up in landfills and over 115 million were used as a fuel source with limited filtration technologies2,3. Disposed tires create a breeding ground for mosquitos carrying deadly diseases5, and improper filtration allows unsafe amounts of harmful toxins to be released into the atmosphere. But the positive side is that tires can offer up to 25% more energy than burning coal, and the opportunity to customize the panel-bed for tire incineration could revolutionize the energy industry1.

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